dimanche 28 octobre 2007

"Sampleurs-Samplés": Hip hop tracks with their original samples

Here are tracks with their original samples which can be funk, soul or even a video game instrumental

So... DOwnlOad

A1)Super Mario Bros - Instrumental.mp3

A2) Cocoa Brovaz - Super Brooklyn(Mario Bros).mp3

B1) Pat Benatar - Love Is A Battlefield.mp3

B2) papoose-love_is_a_battlefield_(produced_by_dj_kay_slay)-GBM.mp3

B3) St laz - Battlefield (Prod. By Venum).mp3

C1) marlena shaw - california soul .mp3

C2) gang_starr-check_the_technique.mp3
C3) 7l_and_esoteric-everywhere-ego.mp3

D1) gap band - yearning for your love.mp3

D2) Nas feat AZ- Lifes a bitch.mp3

E1) Jean Plum - Here I Go Again.mp3

E2) Mobb deep - Win or lose.mp3

F1) Bill Withers - Lovely Day.mp3

F2) Twista ft. Anthony Hamilton - Lovely Day (Sunshine).mp3

F3) Swizz beatz - take a picture.mp3

G1) Soundtracks - Theme of Exorcist.mp3

G2) Royce da 5'9'' all-i-wanna-do.mp3

G3) Likwit junkies - One Time (Featuring Planet Asia &.mp3

H1) The stylistics - pieces .mp3

H2) big_noyd-grimy_way_(feat _prodigy)-osc.mp3

H3) Memphis bleek - Everything's a Go.mp3

I1) The moments - what's your name .mp3

I2) doggystyle allstars vol 1 - hey you.mp3

I3) born unique - bad news born.mp3

I4) nas-intro_soulmatic.mp3

I5) Hell_Razah-Milennium_Warface.mp3

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