jeudi 27 mars 2008

100% El-P n°6: NEW EL-P - Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamix (2008)

Who's America ?
Les Citées D'or
Listen To The...
This Is Not In My Head
Nuclear Warhead
Instrumental 1
Fuck AllDooone !!!
Instrumental 2
Where Are The Memories
Magnectic, Opium...
CanOx Sample
The Closer To The City
Instrumental 3-
Day After The Day After
We're Still Standin' Here
Other End Of The Shit/Fake Shit
Mr Len - Tribute to Company Flow

1. Mr. Len - Juvenile Techniques [produced by EL-P]
2. Mr. Len - People Are Shady [produced by EL-P]
3. Mr. Len - Fire In Wich You Burn (With Intro) [produced by EL-P]
4. Mr. Len - Weight [produced by EL-P]
5. Mr. Len - End II End Burners (Rmx) [produced by EL-P]
6. Mr. Len - Linda Tripp [produced by EL-P]
7. Mr. Len - Lil Johnny's Interlude [produced by EL-P]
8. Mr. Len - Stupid Robot [produced by EL-P]
9. Mr. Len - Patriotism [produced by EL-P]
10. Mr. Len - Infokill (12 [produced by EL-P]
11. Mr. Len - Krazy Kings (Green Vinyl Version) [produced by EL-P]
12. Mr. Len - Lune Tns [produced by Bigg Jus]
13. Mr. Len - 8 Steps To Perfection [produced by EL-P]
14. Mr. Len - Lencorcism [produced by EL-P]
15. Mr. Len - Krazy Kings II [produced by EL-P]
16. Mr. Len - Linoleum [produced by EL-P]
17. Mr. Len - One Night In Austin [produced by EL-P]

vendredi 21 mars 2008

The Most Anticipated Albums of 2008

If you click on the link you'll see tracklists (with covers and producers) of some of highly anticipated lps that are supposed to be released this year like "Rock -Shell shock "(spring); Ghostface & mf doom - swift & changeable, Big twin - the grimey collection...
There are some surprises like tech n9ne & ill bill collaboration or Planet asia & Dj muggs collabo

When I watch some of those tracklists I'm wonderin':

- Where is Scram jones on Saigon's LP? Where is Ghostface on only 4 cuban linx II and do this album gonna really be released in 2008? What the fuck female MCs are doin'?
I hope Primo will produce the whole Royce's album, I hope Chemical warfare will be better than it seems to be, I hope artists like Slick rick or big daddy kane will come back soon, I hope Keith murray album will be critically acclaimed
I'm sure Bishop lamont's lp and Stat quo's album won't come out this year (AFTERMATH BABY!!!!), I'm sure NIGGER will be wack (go watch the beatmakers on the tracklist and you'll understand why I write that)
To my mind "The Nacirema DREAM" is really really really really really a good title for Papoose Lp
So don't hesitate to Leave your comments about that on the cbox

AZ - Undeniable (2008)

01. AZ - The Game Don't Stop 04:07
02. AZ - Superstar 04:21
03. AZ - Life On The Line 04:32
04. AZ - Fire 03:14
05. AZ - What Would You Do (feat. Jay Rush) 04:19
06. AZ - Dead End 03:25
07. AZ - Parking Lot Pimpin' 04:23
08. AZ - Undeniable 03:24
09. AZ - Go Getta (feat. Ray J) 04:03
10. AZ - Now I Know 03:15
11. AZ - A. Game 03:25
12. AZ - The Hardest (Video Mix) (feat. Styles P) 07:45

"Sampleurs-samplés" : Original samples + Hip hop tracks

A1) the deele - shoot 'em up movies(2).mp3
A2) big noyd_and_mobb_deep-shootem_up_pt._2-cms.mp3

A3) MF doom - Red and Gold [Feat. King Ghidra].mp3

B1) bo hansson - excursion with complications.mp3
B2) kool_g_rap-spill_blood-(feat._jinx_and_black_child)-bke.mp3

B3) Freddie foxxx-The-Real-Emcee( prod. Alchemist).mp3

B4) cormega-06-a_thin_line-wcr.mp3

B5) lake_featuring_cormega-snitch_nigga.mp3

B6) fat joe - get this money (prod. by lv).mp3

C1) marco antonio muñiz - donde quiera.mp3

C2) françois de roubaix - adieu l'ami.mp3

C3) Infamous mobb ft prodigy - Mobb niggaz.mp3

C4) st._laz_-_highly_promoted.mp3

D1) lamont dozier - the picture will never change.mp3

D2) Asamov - Standing Room Only (feat. J Live Cassidy Wordsworth) (Bonus).mp3

D3) pharoahe monch - desire (prod. ALC).mp3
D4) pitch_black-block_to_the_boardroom-osc.mp3

E1) Samuel jonathan johnson - my music.mp3

E2) royce_da_59-d-elite-fua.mp3

E3) royce da 5'9 - d-elite.mp3 (instrumental)

E4) ras_kass-home_sweet_home.mp3

E5) Jadakiss - 05 - We Gonna Make It Feat Styles Of The Lox.mp3

El da Sensei - The Unusual

1. El Da Sensei - Crowd Pleasa [produced by Illmind]
2. El Da Sensei - Natural Feel Good [produced by Frequency]
3. El Da Sensei - Hold On [produced by Illmind]
4. El Da Sensei - Live In The Flesh [produced by Fusion Unltd.]
5. El Da Sensei - Lights, Camera, Action! [produced by J. Rawls]
6. El Da Sensei - That's How It Goes [produced by Saukrates]

7. El Da Sensei - Up In Da Spot! [produced by Money Marc]
8. El Da Sensei - Rock It Out! [produced by K-Def]
9. El Da Sensei ft. O.C. - Nuttin' To Lose [produced by The Fire Dept]
10. El Da Sensei - Gunblast [produced by Jake One]
11. El Da Sensei - Blow Shit Up! (Army Edition) [produced by J. Rawls]
12. El Da Sensei - What's My Name? [produced by DJ Revolution]
13. El Da Sensei ft. Sean Price - No Matter [produced by 3rd Rell]
14. El Da Sensei - The Unusual [produced by Fusion Unltd.]

100% Alchemist n °18: alchemist fav trkz (INSTRUmenTALS

01-prodigy -the_basics
02-dilated people - the_main_event
03-missin' linx -family_ties
05-swollen members -darkriders-
06-dilated people -right_and_exact
07-buc fifty -we_gon_buc
08-the high & mighty -the_conflict
09-buc fifty -lock_down

10-the high & mighty -open_mic_night
11-buc fifty -buc_buc_buc
12-guru -in_here
13-alchemist-new_beat (exclusive)
14-everlast -deadly assassins
15-big daddy kane - the_man_the_icon
17-dilated people ft defari -third_degree

18-infamous mobb - mobb_niggaz
19-dilated people -confidence
20-infamous mobb - im3
21-group home ft jeru the damaja -real_niggaz_dont_die
22-poverty -thepawn
23-Group Home ft. Black E-Starr & Kai Bee - reign_supreme
24-Cypress hill ft fat joe -tequilla_sunrise RMX
25-dilated people - guaranteed
26-Rascalz -on_the_run


100% Luis Gallardo n°2: Break breaks

Here's the follow-up to Music for People Who Like Music. "Break Up Beats" was dropped in the summer of 2007. Enjoy.
Track listing:
1. Magnolia Scratch f/ scratched by Rype (Maxrhymes)
2. Tanning Booths are Stupid
3. Mikata Rice > Shogun's
4. Reggae Break, Cuban Flute
5. La Vida Plena f/ rhyme by Rype (Maxrhymes)
6. No Snare Here
7. Zat's Intermission
8. Africans Don't Jazz f/ slamming by Zatyr One
9. Banjo Break
10. I Don't Own Any Jeans
11. Clap w/o Crunk f/ Jason the Blazin' Azian
12. Piano Death
13. Africa Opera Break f/ Attilas
14. The Abortion Song
15. Math Rock Madness f/ Joey Blowfish
16. I Hate Long Songs

RE-UP Spécial ALchemist N°17: ALC presents the Insomnia mixtape

1. Insomnia Intro
2. Mobb deep - Carved in Stone
3. ALC - Double Trouble 2004
4. ALC & Big twin - Live at the Amphitheatre
5. Sheek louch - Turn It Up
6. Dilated people - Marathon
7. Alc - Shootem Up Prelude
8. Big noyd ft mobb deep - Shootem Up, Ot. 2/Gotcha
9. alc - Pass Code
10. Chinky - Letting Go
11. Tony toca ft the lox - Fuego
12. ALC - In With the Drama King
13. Mobb deep - When It Comes to the Beef
14. Infamous mobb -U Know the Ratio
15. Infamous mobb - 3 Minds Combined
16. Nas ft lake - One Never Knows
17. Nas ft mobb deep - Tick Tock
18. Havoc - Illeest
19. Prodigy - My Priorities
20. Prodigy & ALC - Respect My Gangster
21. Saigon - Stalking Cap

100% Buckwild: Diggin' in the crates (Buckwild Remixes)

1 Funkdoobiest - Rock On Remix
2 Jemini The Gifted One - Scars and Pain
3 Ill Biskits - A Better Day (Unreleased)
4 Beastie Boys - Get It Together Remix w/ Q-Tip
5 Alkaholiks - Damn Remix
6 Nas - Life's A Bitch Remix 1
7 Kool Keith - Yo Black
8 O.C. - Love Child (Unreleased)
9 Channel Live - Mad Izm Remix (Original Buckwild Remix)
10 Grand Puba - I Like It Remix w/ Sadat X
11 Bushwackas - Caught Up In The Game
12 Brand Nubian - Word Is Bond Remix
13 Artifacts - C'Mon Wit The Get Down Remix w/ Busta Rhymes
14 Diamond - You Can't Front w/ Lord Finesse and Sadat X
15 Organized Konfusion - Bring It On Remix
16 Sadat X - The Lump Lump (Brand Nubian Mix)
17 Big L - MVP Remix 1 (Unreleased)
18 Rakim - Guess Who's Back Remix
19 Chubb Rock - Yeah (Unreleased)
Sorry I ain't got the 2nd cd, so if somebody got it please don't hesitate to share

100% El-P: Company Flow - Little johnny from the hospitul (INSTRUMENTALS°




100% M-phazes


100% 9th wonder: Swann Notty - Classic material

. Intro (0:48)
2. Most Hated (3:40)
3. On The Move (Prod. 9th Wonder) (2:43)
4. It's Gonna Happen (Prod. 9th Wonder) (2:34)
5. Classic Material (3:28)
6. Thin Line (2:40)
7. Focused (Prod. 9th Wonder) (3:11)
8. Explode (Prod. 9th Wonder) (3:45)
9. Do What You Wanna (3:37)
10. Most Official (Prod. 9th Wonder) (3:14)
11. Outro (2:14)

Original Samples of SOUL Music (Lamont dozier, isley brothers, Marvin gaye...)

Rare tracks of soul music
Selekta by Skiny and design by Bourvil.

Tracklist :
01 - buddy miles - pain (sample de murs - pain)
02 - brooklyn, bronx & queens band - loving's what we should do (sample de chinky - strength of pain)
03 - eugene record - trying to catch the wind (sample de devin the dude - where can we go)
04 - isley brothers - love put me on the corner (sample de lord jamar - the corner the streets)
05 - labelle - wild horses (sample de AZ - never change)
06 - lamont dozier let me make love to you (sample de remy ma - thug love)
07 - taana gardner - we got to work it out (sample de prodigy - the rotten apple)
08 - the impressions - this loves for real (sample de papoose - respect my hustle)

09 - luther vandross - this is for real (sample de sean price - i love you bitch)
10 - jeffery osborne ltd - love ballad (sample de dela soul - much more)
11 - freda payne - stares and whispers (sample de masta ace - h.o.o.d)
12 - rita wright - touch me take me (sample de prodigy - legends)

13 - the manhattans - Take It Or Leave It (sample de jr writer - take it or leave it)
14 - the supremes - it's time to breakdown (sample de gang starr - JFK 2 LAX)
15 - Hodges, James & Smith - Signal Your Intention (sample de cormega - they forced my hands)
16 - marvin gaye tammi terrell - if this world were mine huh mama (sample de saigon - if...(my mommy))
17 - sister sledge - give into love (sample de skyzoo - fooling yourself)
18 - Diana Ross - Sleepin' (sample de saigon - out there)
19 - jerry butler - me and you against the world (sample de big shug - what's really real)
20 - brotherly love - i don't see you in my eyes anymore (sample de saigon - stocking cap)

Courtesy of

jeudi 20 mars 2008

Mixtape show episode 21

This is a good little mixtape (1 audio file), I upload that cause Milano's track is really hard to find so enjoy

Blaq poet - We gonna ill (prod. primo)
Milano - hope you're listening (prod. showbiz)
Ike Eyes - Prince of Kings County (prod. scram jones)
Respect ft Smif n Wessun - Crabz
Cesar Comanche feat Edgar Allen Floe - I Miss You
Longshot feat Jah Safe & Romello Hill- Quitters Anthem

Ras Kass - RAZZY KAZZY (2008)

You wanna know why Razzy kazzy is not the king of the west? That's not cause he's one of the black sheep of rap but cause a king can loose his throne and Ras kass will never lose his place among the legends of the west side


1. Caution 1:49
2. R.A.S. 1:38
3. The Home feat. Scipio 6:38
4. Sophisticated Thugs feat. Bootleg & Ideal 4:04
5. One On One feat. Punchline 3:30
6. Dreams 3:15
7. Understandable Smooth Shit 3:41
8. Amerikkka Me 4:40
9. Home Sweet Home 3:44 (PROD. Alchemist)

10. Spit Venomous feat. Tyrant 3:46
11. So Many Days 2:06
12. 3 Of The Best feat. Sheek & Sauce Money 4:03
13. Six Figures feat. Skillz 3:15 14. Bend A Corner feat. Kon Artist of D-12 1:49
15. Ras Speaks On Corp. Labels 0:57
16. Catch Me If You Can 3:33
17. The Dopest feat. Da Ranjahz & Bilal 3:40
18. Up From Da Underground feat. Krs-One & Xzibit 3:09

19. Action Guaranteed 4:03
20. Flood The Streets feat. Scipio & Michelob 2:53
21. Overtime 3:29
22. Verbal Murder 1:11
23. Biz As Usual feat. Wrekonize 4:19
24. Be Wildin' feat. Scipio 1:54

Guilty simpson - ode to the ghetto

Production by Black Milk, Mr. Porter, Madlib, Oh No & J Dilla..... cuts by J. Rocc

01. The American Dream 02:10
02. Robbery 03:20
03. She Won't Stay At Home 01:55
04. Footwork 03:29
05. Ode To The Ghetto 03:27
06. Get Bitches 02:19
07. I Must Love You 03:16
08. The Future (feat. MED) 02:57
09. Pigs 01:49
10. My Moment 02:53
11. Run (feat. Sean Price & Black Milk) 03:40
12. Kinda Live 03:19
13. Yikes 02:05
14. The Real Me 02:44
15. Kill 'Em 03:10
16. Almighty Dreadnaughtz 05:02(feat. Super MC, Krizsteel, Konnie Ross)

100% Stoupe the enemy of the mankind (of Jedi mind tricks)

Original samples used by Stoupe
Courtesy of hhb

Around since 1996, Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind has handled all of the production for his group Jedi Mind Tricks. This in house producer has crafted spectacular beats for his unorthodox underground group. His production often features string instruments combined with bass lines. His best work with Jedi Mind Tricks is found on the group’s second full-length album Violent By Design.
His sounds can range from eerie backdrops for violent rhymes to beautiful stages for intellectual joints. Another element of his production that stands out is his RZA-like movie samples, but unlike RZA, Stoupe samples science fiction movies not kung fu. My favorite pieces of work by Stoupe are found on Canibus’ Rip The Jacker. Canibus recorded all the lyrics and left the beats up to Stoupe. His production for the most part fits beautifully (for example Levitibus and Genabis).

100% Dj Muggs: Soul Assassins I & II

1. DJ Muggs ft. Kool G Rap - Real Life [produced by DJ Muggs]
2. DJ Muggs ft. G.O.D. Pt. III - We Will Survive [produced by DJ Muggs]
3. DJ Muggs ft. Xzibit, King Tee - You Better Believe It [produced by DJ Muggs]
4. DJ Muggs ft. GZA - When The Fat Lady Sings [produced by DJ Muggs]
5. DJ Muggs ft. Goodie Mob - This Some'n To [produced by DJ Muggs]
6. DJ Muggs ft. Kurupt - Armageddon (Interlude) [produced by DJ Muggs]
7. DJ Muggs ft. Hostyle - Victory And Defeat [produced by The Alchemist]

8. DJ Muggs ft. Chase Infinite, Krondon, Ras Kass, Phenam - Heart Of The Assassin [produced by DJ Muggs]
9. DJ Muggs ft. Dilated Peoples - Suckers Are Hidin [produced by The Alchemist]
10. DJ Muggs ft. Kurupt, Roscoe - When The Pain Inflict [produced by DJ Muggs]
11. DJ Muggs ft. Cypress Hill - Don't Trip [produced by DJ Muggs]
12. DJ Muggs ft. Everlast - Razor To Your Throat [produced by DJ Muggs]
13. DJ Muggs ft. Self Scientific - Millenium Thrust [produced by DJ Khalil]
14. DJ Muggs ft. Buc Fifty - Back Up Off Me [produced by The Alchemist]

1. DJ Muggs - The Time Has Come [produced by DJ Muggs]

2. DJ Muggs ft. B-Real,Dr.Dre - Puppet Master [produced by DJ Muggs]

3. DJ Muggs ft. Goodie Mob - Decisions,Decisions [produced by DJ Muggs]

4. DJ Muggs ft. GZA,RZA - Third World [produced by DJ Muggs]

5. DJ Muggs ft. Cypress Hill - Battle Of 2001 [produced by DJ Muggs]

6. DJ Muggs ft. LA The Darkman - Devil In A Blue Dress [produced by DJ Muggs]

7. DJ Muggs ft. Mc Eiht - Heavy Weights [produced by DJ Muggs]

8. DJ Muggs ft. Krs-One - Move Ahead [produced by DJ Muggs]

9. DJ Muggs ft. Mobb Deep - It Could Happen To You [produced by DJ Muggs]

10. DJ Muggs ft. Infamous Mobb - Life Is Tragic [produced by DJ Muggs]

11. DJ Muggs ft. Call O' Da Wild - New York Undercover [produced by DJ Muggs]

12. DJ Muggs ft. Wyclef Jean - John 3:16 [produced by DJ Muggs]

13. DJ Muggs ft. Soul Assassins Music - Runnin' Wild [produced by DJ Muggs]

dimanche 9 mars 2008

Re-up 100% WILLIE EVANS Jr: ASAMOV - And now

01 - Asamov - Intro.mp3
02 - Asamov - Past Futures.mp3
03 - Asamov - Hookslide.mp3
04 - Asamov - Bad News.mp3
05 - Asamov - Fem Fems.mp3
06 - Asamov - Real Good (9th Wonder).mp3
07 - Asamov - Suckas.mp3
08 - Asamov - Supa Dynamite (feat. Mr Lif).mp3

09 - Asamov - Boom Box.mp3
10 - Asamov - Gone Head.mp3
11 - Asamov - Git Loose (feat. Akrobatik).mp3
12 - Asamov - Seven.mp313 - Asamov - Say Somethin.mp3
14 - Asamov - Help Me Sing.mp3
15 - Asamov - Standing Room Only (feat. J Live Cassidy Wordsworth) (Bonus).mp3

Re-up 100% WILLIE EVANS Jr n°2: Asamov - Blow your wistle EP + other tracks

Asamov - Blow you wistle EP
01 - Asamov - Blow Your Whistle.mp3
02 - Asamov - Don't Stop.mp3
03 - Asamov - Cafe LGA.mp3
04 - Asamov - Nerve Gas.mp3
05 - Asamov - Duval Interlude.mp3
06 - Asamov - Hardest Niggas On The Planet (Remix).mp3
07 - Asamov - Directions.mp3
Other songs produced by Wilie Evans Jr
Rasco - No Love(1).mp3
asamov - blow your whistle rmx.mp3
asamov - good shit.mp3
Rasco - This Is How It Goes Down .mp3

jeudi 6 mars 2008

Same Sample Sessions n°10

A1) ras_kass-hit_me_on_my_blackberry.mp3 (prod. 9th wonder)
B1) chaundon-that_dude_(prod_9th)-jce.mp3
B2) royce da 5'9-the dream ft rell
B3) Freeway - Baby Don't Do It (Feat. Scarface).mp3
C1) Likwit junkies - The Interview.mp3 (prod. babu)
C2) Jean Grae & 9th Wonder - high.mp3
D1) big l - the big picture - fall back.mp3
D2) jozeemo-im_that_nigga-ftd.mp3 (prod. khrysis)
E1) little_brother-watch_me (khrysis again)
E2) doujah_raze-the_light_now
F1) l_da_headtoucha-sunshine_ft_raw_dukes_and_k_slaughta-ftd.mp3 (prod. soul supreme)
F2) Ras kass - Versus Ft Gza.mp3
F3) consequence-the_good_the_bad_the_ugly_(feat_kanye_west)
G1) thethyrday-10-cycle_(prod._by_khrysis)-rage.mp3
G2) chaundon-we_are_here_(feat._g.o.d._sha_stimuli_and_dv_alias_khryst).mp3 (prod. d-1)
H1) Ill bill & raekwon - Enemy (Remix).mp3
H2) camron-fit_for_the_grind_2_(prod._by_arab).mp3

mardi 4 mars 2008

RE-up 100% Rjd2: The third hand INstrumentals



My favorite beatmakers (EAST + WEST and other places)


Si vous faites des instrus, laissez-moi votre adresse e-mail (dans la section commentaires ou dans la cbox) pour m'envoyez vos productions.
J'en ferais la promo seulement si j'aime donc hésitez pas à m'en envoyer plein.
Peut-être que ça aidera à faire connaître de nouveaux producteurs français dans le monde (ça coûte rien en tout cas)

______ __________ ________

If you want me to RE-upload something, just REQUEST it
_________ _________ ____________ ______

I got my requests too: DOES ANYBODY KNOW what is the original HIP HOP song for this track ?

Agallah - freestyle