dimanche 16 décembre 2007

Same sample sessions 8

A1) MITCHY SLICK - Triumphant Gangster (feat. Strong Arm Steady).mp3 /KHALIL/
A2) havoc-ny_4_life.mp3 / HAVOC/

B1) visionaries-all_we_need.mp3 / KHALIL/
B2) m.e.-more_(prod._by_ayatollah)-ftd.mp3

C1) nas ft freddie foxx - turn off the mics.mp3
C2) Rhymefest - Get Down.mp3 /NO I.D./

D1) Rhymefest - All I Do.mp3 /EMILE/
D2) Kool g rap - rising up.mp3 (from upcoming album 'Half a klip')

E1) Kool g rap ft big pun - Dramacyde.mp3
E2) planet_asia_feat _prodigy_(of_mobb_deep)-stick_and_move /EVIDENCE & ALCHEMIST/

F1) Masta Killa - No Said Date.mp3 /RZA/
F2) Tragedy khadafy - Gorilla Rap Feat. Raekwon (Prod. By Scram Jones).mp3

G1) dead_poets_society_-_lick_a_shot-cms.mp3
G2) smooth-b-game-over.mp3 / DJ PREMIER/

H1) boom bap project - The Trade.mp3 / JAKEONE/
H2) boom_bap_project-trade_remix-arnmp3.mp3 / VITAMIN D/
H3) Born unique - Danger /dox-one/

4 commentaires:

Luis G a dit…


I have been a reader for some time now on your blog and enjoy your posts.

I myself am a Puerto Rico-based hiphop/downtempo producer and have pressed two CDs locally. I'm all about the joy of sharing my music and think that you might appreciate my first instrumental album "Music For People Who Like Music".


If you dig it, feel free to post it. If not, just delete it. But guessing from the stuff you've been posting I'm sure you'll dig it.

boubizigui a dit…

I've listened to some tracks and it's really good, I even listen to "leicester" in my cell phone.
So I'm gonna promote your music (there are already some of your tracks in "Primo tracks 2" in bonus)but can you give me your e-mail address?

Luis G a dit…


Sorry for the late response.

Luis G a dit…

By the way - here's the 2nd CD...


I'm sure you'll dig it. Hit me up with some feedback.

My favorite beatmakers (EAST + WEST and other places)


Si vous faites des instrus, laissez-moi votre adresse e-mail (dans la section commentaires ou dans la cbox) pour m'envoyez vos productions.
J'en ferais la promo seulement si j'aime donc hésitez pas à m'en envoyer plein.
Peut-être que ça aidera à faire connaître de nouveaux producteurs français dans le monde (ça coûte rien en tout cas)

______ __________ ________

If you want me to RE-upload something, just REQUEST it
_________ _________ ____________ ______

I got my requests too: DOES ANYBODY KNOW what is the original HIP HOP song for this track ?

Agallah - freestyle