vendredi 4 janvier 2008

Same samples sessions 9

A1) krs one ft l da headtoucha - everybody rise.mp3
A2) cormega-13-endangered_species-wcr.mp3
B1) Shuko] Out There feat. Saigon.mp3
B2) cormega-05-the_true_meaning-wcr.mp3
C1) freeway & a biatch - What Would You Do!-.mp3
C2) Median - What Would You Do.mp3
D1) infamous_mobb-reality_rap.mp3
D2) buckshot - Food For Thought.mp3
E1) styles p - Holiday (Feat. Max B).mp3
E2) oxmo_puccino-black_desperado (a dope french hiphop track, really better than styles p's version)
F1) Ag - seen-it-all [prod. buckwild] (A.G. seriously got a sick flow)
F2) planet_asia-thick_ropes_(produced_by_evidence_and_nucleus).mp3
G1) one_be_lo-snap_shot.mp3
G2) sadat_x-what_did_i_do.mp3
H1) Masta Ace - Alphabet Soup.mp3
H2) prince_paul_feat._big_daddy_kane-maculas_theory.mp3

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Agallah - freestyle