jeudi 28 février 2008

100% J-zone

1.The X-Factor Sadat X
2.Tame Az It Ever Wuz Tame One
3.In The Zone Akinyele
4.In Stoney Lodge Cage
5.Aknel Akinyele
6.Happy Hour Copywrite
7.Say That Then Casual
8.Squeeky And The Head Detective Louis Logic
9.It's Going Down Prince Po
10.Artillary High & Mighty
11.Extra Thug Sauce Feat. Guttamoth & Celph Titled - Majik Most

12.Taken GM Grimm
13.Monday Night Raw Access Immortal
14.Heat Tame One
15.Dancing GM Grimm
16.Neverending Saga 7L & Esoteric
17.Strange Louis Logic
18.Slick Talkin Weathermen
19.Not Me Wordsworth
20.Brawl RA the Rugged Man
21Meet Me At The Bar Feat. J-Ro & J Zone Prince Po
22.This Far AWOL One

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I got my requests too: DOES ANYBODY KNOW what is the original HIP HOP song for this track ?

Agallah - freestyle