vendredi 9 novembre 2007

Edgar allen floe - Floe almighty

1. Edgar Allen Floe - Skyward [produced by 9th Wonder]

2. Edgar Allen Floe - Floe Freestyle [produced by Slicemysta]

3. Edgar Allen Floe - Craftmatic [produced by Khrysis]

4. Edgar Allen Floe - Livelyhood (Remix) [produced by Slicemysta]

5. Edgar Allen Floe - Floe Almighty [produced by 9th Wonder]

6. Edgar Allen Floe ft. Mal Demolish - Nightwatch [produced by Son Of Yorel]

7. Edgar Allen Floe - The Torch [produced by 9th Wonder]

8. Edgar Allen Floe - Hostility [produced by Slicemysta]

9. Edgar Allen Floe ft. Diablo Archer - One And One (Remix) [produced by Slicemysta]

10. Edgar Allen Floe - Changes (Moodswing) [produced by Slicemysta]

11. Edgar Allen Floe - Floe Shout Outs [produced by Slicemysta]

12. Edgar Allen Floe - The Righteous Way To Go [produced by 9th Wonder]

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