vendredi 30 novembre 2007

a VERY Special stufffffffffffff: Random: Mega Ran







All of the tracks contain samples of music from Mega man video games (NES)

So I'm angry cause I'm jealous cause he made what I wanted to do one day, but in fact he hasn't used precisely the sample that I wanna use (and that I'll use one day maybe, I hope soooooooooo much).

So Random, I love your shit stoooopid asshole

About him:, and


01 Introduction

02 Shadowman

03 Bubbleman

04 Aqua Soul

05 Megalude

06 The Continuation

07 Flashman

08 Mega Club feat. ProblemChild

09 Ringman feat. RoseBlack

10 Metalman (the Megas remix)

11 Robot City feat. YTCracker and JonBap

12 Rock and Roll

13 Final Battle feat. Loose

14 Grow Up

15 The End?

16 Robot City Remix feat YTCracker, ProblemChild, JonBap, ProblemChild

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Anonyme a dit…

peace. glad you liked it.

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I got my requests too: DOES ANYBODY KNOW what is the original HIP HOP song for this track ?

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