vendredi 21 mars 2008

The Most Anticipated Albums of 2008

If you click on the link you'll see tracklists (with covers and producers) of some of highly anticipated lps that are supposed to be released this year like "Rock -Shell shock "(spring); Ghostface & mf doom - swift & changeable, Big twin - the grimey collection...
There are some surprises like tech n9ne & ill bill collaboration or Planet asia & Dj muggs collabo

When I watch some of those tracklists I'm wonderin':

- Where is Scram jones on Saigon's LP? Where is Ghostface on only 4 cuban linx II and do this album gonna really be released in 2008? What the fuck female MCs are doin'?
I hope Primo will produce the whole Royce's album, I hope Chemical warfare will be better than it seems to be, I hope artists like Slick rick or big daddy kane will come back soon, I hope Keith murray album will be critically acclaimed
I'm sure Bishop lamont's lp and Stat quo's album won't come out this year (AFTERMATH BABY!!!!), I'm sure NIGGER will be wack (go watch the beatmakers on the tracklist and you'll understand why I write that)
To my mind "The Nacirema DREAM" is really really really really really a good title for Papoose Lp
So don't hesitate to Leave your comments about that on the cbox

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