vendredi 21 mars 2008

100% 9th wonder: Swann Notty - Classic material

. Intro (0:48)
2. Most Hated (3:40)
3. On The Move (Prod. 9th Wonder) (2:43)
4. It's Gonna Happen (Prod. 9th Wonder) (2:34)
5. Classic Material (3:28)
6. Thin Line (2:40)
7. Focused (Prod. 9th Wonder) (3:11)
8. Explode (Prod. 9th Wonder) (3:45)
9. Do What You Wanna (3:37)
10. Most Official (Prod. 9th Wonder) (3:14)
11. Outro (2:14)

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Im a newbie here, although i have been watching on the sidelines for a little while.
Im a part time librarian, love baking and my wesie Daisy. I also am way too excited about Christmas for words!!
I cant wait to get on here some more and 'meet' lots of new people!

Look forward to 'meeting' you all, Dennis from [url=]Payday Loans[/url] website!

My favorite beatmakers (EAST + WEST and other places)


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Peut-être que ça aidera à faire connaître de nouveaux producteurs français dans le monde (ça coûte rien en tout cas)

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I got my requests too: DOES ANYBODY KNOW what is the original HIP HOP song for this track ?

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