vendredi 21 mars 2008

"Sampleurs-samplés" : Original samples + Hip hop tracks

A1) the deele - shoot 'em up movies(2).mp3
A2) big noyd_and_mobb_deep-shootem_up_pt._2-cms.mp3

A3) MF doom - Red and Gold [Feat. King Ghidra].mp3

B1) bo hansson - excursion with complications.mp3
B2) kool_g_rap-spill_blood-(feat._jinx_and_black_child)-bke.mp3

B3) Freddie foxxx-The-Real-Emcee( prod. Alchemist).mp3

B4) cormega-06-a_thin_line-wcr.mp3

B5) lake_featuring_cormega-snitch_nigga.mp3

B6) fat joe - get this money (prod. by lv).mp3

C1) marco antonio muñiz - donde quiera.mp3

C2) françois de roubaix - adieu l'ami.mp3

C3) Infamous mobb ft prodigy - Mobb niggaz.mp3

C4) st._laz_-_highly_promoted.mp3

D1) lamont dozier - the picture will never change.mp3

D2) Asamov - Standing Room Only (feat. J Live Cassidy Wordsworth) (Bonus).mp3

D3) pharoahe monch - desire (prod. ALC).mp3
D4) pitch_black-block_to_the_boardroom-osc.mp3

E1) Samuel jonathan johnson - my music.mp3

E2) royce_da_59-d-elite-fua.mp3

E3) royce da 5'9 - d-elite.mp3 (instrumental)

E4) ras_kass-home_sweet_home.mp3

E5) Jadakiss - 05 - We Gonna Make It Feat Styles Of The Lox.mp3

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Modern Greetings a dit…

It's nice to hear such hip hop songs. it's sometimes pleasant to hear.

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Listening to hip hop songs like this gets me going. more beats please...

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Those hip hop songs are nice to be memorized and sang. I love those songs since I am a fan of this album too.

Kelly Jean Ohl a dit…

Yeah, I do agree that HIP HOP song is sometimes pleasant to hear . But if your world turns to Hip Hop and you let yourself to enter HIP HOP WORLD you cant imagine that you'll find yourself enjoying and dancing together with the Bit.

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These tracks are very good to hear.

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Are you one of the rappers? I know that many also would love to hear these hip hop tracks.

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I would love to know more about the original samples.. Thanks for sharing this.

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It's amazing to know that each person has a God-given talent to share. Keep up the good work.

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Hip hop songs are the fav of mine. Thanks for sharing these lists.

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God I love his song. Keep it up bro and more power to you.

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john a dit…

Hip hop songs activate my senses, good job.,.

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